A Young Carer is someone under the age of 18 with caring responsibilities.

A Young Adult Carer is someone aged up to 25 with caring responsibilities.

Most young carers and young adult carers care for a parent or sibling. They might also care for a grandparent or someone else in their extended family.

They could be caring for some who might have:

  • a disability
  • an illness
  • a mental health condition
  • issues with substance/alcohol misuse.

They may be supporting with tasks in the home such as:

  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • helping someone to get dressed
  • helping someone to get around their home and the community
  • looking after siblings
  • providing emotional support, for example:
    • listening to someone
    • trying to keep them calm

What's the difference between a young carer and a young person who helps in the home?

A young carer has to help because the person they care for cannot meet all their own needs.

Other young people who help in the home take on tasks and responsibilities as part of growing up and gaining independence.

Who can I contact for information and support?

Humankind logo   Darlington Young Carers Service helps to reduce the impact of caring for someone on young carers aged 5-25.

Humankind Darlington Young Carers

Call the Senior Practitioner, Cheryl Hunter: 07584 391789

Email general enquiries:  dyc@humankindcharity.org.uk

Office telephone: 01325 483038

Families and young carers can also refer themselves.

They also accept referrals from any agency and need parental consent for those under 16.