Darlington Academy

Darlington Academy is a step by step approach to supporting our people across Children's and Adults services.

Our model is to create pathways and learning opportunities for everyone, and our ethos is to Grow Our Own.

Steps 1 to 5 span the workforce - from being a Student, or Volunteer, through to Senior and Director level colleagues, from Support Staff to Qualified Social Workers.

Alongside Darlington Academy, we have our Community Academy for anyone who is interested in working with people. The Community Academy is for people of all ages, and provides advice and opportunities for personal and professional development. We like to think of Darlington Academy as a jigsaw - piecing together people's strengths, experience and values with training and support to grow and develop into who they want to be. 

Step 1 

Supports non-qualified people to become part of the workforce and access training / qualifications. Aimed at:

  • Step Up to Social Work
  • Apprenticeships (including Social work Apprenticeship)
  • Volunteers and Multi-Agency Partners
  • Return To Practice staff / volunteers

Step 2

Supports newly qualified ‘staff’ upskilling with training and development. Aimed at:

  • ASYE (Assessed and Supported Year in employment) Social Workers
  • First year post ASYE qualified
  • Qualified Apprentices
  • New members of staff

Step 3

Supports experienced staff into Leadership and Management and/or to become ‘Experts in Practice’. Aimed at:

  • Experienced staff members
  • Advanced / Senior Practitioners
  • Team / Practice Leaders
  • Practice Educators
  • Staff developing towards Leadership and Management roles

Step 4

Supports Middle Managers so that they can develop others. Aimed at:

  • Team Managers
  • Principle Social Worker
  • Team / Practice Leaders
  • Service Managers

Step 5

Supports Senior Managers to access training, development sessions, national conferences, and shape service culture. Aimed at:

  • Director
  • Assistant Directors
  • Heads of Service

Community Academy 

The Community Academy is a bespoke offer of training and development opportunities for anyone, of any age or background, who would like to work in social care. We have a variety of pathways to suite your experience and qualifications.

The Community Academy also links with Developing Darlington Care Collective (DDCC) and the borough wide multi-agency working initiative.